Maintain Your Discovery Schedule & Trial Preparation with Remote Services

With over 85 physical offices around the country, we have the resources and regional teams to keep your discovery process and trial preparation moving forward, even through unforeseen circumstances. We offer multiple remote service options from any of our physical offices, as well as complete remote solutions: 

  • Remote depositions
  • Online record retrieval portal
  • Virtual mock trials 
  • Web-based jury research
  • Social media research & analysis 
  • Secure client portal 

Remote Depositions

No Additional Charge Now Through April 30, 2020

Multiple options for remote participation to meet your discovery deadlines. 

Conference Call (Phone Only)

We will facilitate a dedicated conference line for all participants who cannot physically attend the deposition. Participants can join from one of our nationwide office conference rooms, or from the comfort of their own home or office. 

  • Secure and dedicated line
  • Unlimited participants
  • Remote reporter present for the duration of your proceeding 

Video Teleconferencing Solutions 

We can set up a completely remote deposition utilizing our video teleconferencing technology. In addition to a live HD video feed to see participants, we can also provide:

  • Text streaming: See a realtime feed of the court reporter's transcript 
  • Exhibit sharing: View exhibits in realtime in our secure online portal 

All video teleconferences include:

  • Secure and dedicated line
  • Unlimited participants
  • Full-service logistical support for the duration of your deposition 
  • Remote reporter present for the duration of your proceeding 

Virtual Mock Trial with JuryLive®

  • Conduct an online, realtime mock trial
  • Pool of 3 million+ online surrogate jurors
  • Test your strategy before you're in court

Online Jury Research with Casexplorer®

  • Build detailed online surveys and poll a diverse pool of surrogate jurors
  • Uncover biases in your venue 
  • Pool of 3 million+ online surrogate jurors

SocialDisover® for Social Media Research and Analysis

  • Research and analysis across major social platforms
  • Uncover pertinent information for litigants, potential jurors and other parties
  • Secure online intake form
  • Schedule depositions and access transcripts, exhibits and video files
  • Order and view requested records
  • Manage and pay invoices
  • Industry-leading security including HIPAA & SOC 2 Type II compliance